Free Range Chickens

We have 58 chickens and 2 roosters to look after the girls. Chicken breeds are:

  • Rhode Island Red
  • Golden Sex Links
  • Black Sex Links
  • Barred Rock
  • Easter Egger (lays coloured eggs: blue / green)
  • Our own crossbreed between those above

Our chickens are free range. We feed them vegetables, non-GMO chicken feed and they have access every day to the big run with a lot of grass, bugs etc. With portable electric fencing  our girls are getting new extended run every few months.

Chicks. A couple times a year (summer time) we are hatching our own chicks using broody hens. In 2019 first hatch of the chicks are expected  in June and we will put notice about this on the main  page of the web-site.

Our chickens are very friendly. If you will stop by at the Farm during our open hours you can see  them, feed them the treats or even pet them (kids are welcome!).

———————————————— Barred Rock hen is enjoying the free run: Free-Range-Chicken

On the sunny day it is nice to have a sand-bath: Chickens-sun-bath

Broody hen Sofia with her first run of Easter egger chicks in August 2017 (chicks are 2 days old): Chk0029

Multi-coloured free range eggs

Multi-coloured free range eggs