Free Range Chickens

We have 60 chickens and 3 roosters to look after the girls. Chicken breeds are:

  • Rhode Island Red
  • Golden Sex Links
  • Black Sex Links
  • Barred Rock
  • Easter Egger (lays coloured eggs: blue / green)
  • Our own crossbreed between those above

Plus 2019 additions:

  • Cuckoo Maran (lays very dark brown eggs)
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • Golden Laced Wyandotte
  • Light Brahma

Our chickens are free range. We feed them vegetables, non-GMO chicken feed and they have access every day to the big run with a lot of grass, bugs etc. With portable electric fencing  our girls are getting new extended run every few months.

Chicks. A couple times a year (summer time) we are hatching our own chicks using broody hens. In 2020 first hatch of the chicks are expected  in June-July and we will put notice about this on the main  page of the web-site.

Our chickens are very friendly. If you will stop by at the Farm during our open hours (June-September), you can see  them, feed them the treats or even pet them (kids are welcome!).

———————————————— Barred Rock hen is enjoying the free run: Free-Range-Chicken

On the sunny day it is nice to have a sand-bath: Chickens-sun-bath

Broody hen Sofia with her first run of Easter egger chicks in August 2017 (chicks are 2 days old): Chk0029

Multi-coloured free range eggs

Multi-coloured free range eggs